The "Bridges"

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She's not mentioning that there should be no bridges; just that the ones that are SUPER long are too much... I like finding a new bridge cause i'm super excited to see what may be on the other side... BUT... I hate when that bridge goes on for a whole minute. I despise knowing I have to pack for a whole day when leaving camp... just to travel over a bridge to a ( for example) Savannah Biome for grass or poo.Usually I make my camp in a pig housing area or in a forest where there is plenty of wood. I've been lucky and had a swamp nearby as well as meadow. But on many occasions I have to go WAY out of my way ( and across one of these long a crap bridges) to find rocks or something. The excessively long bridges really do take away from the experience...

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Well, now you run faster on bridges, so i don't see a problem anymore.

Well it was a more significant problem... back in November. You guys (or specifically Verdigris in this case) need to stop digging up old threads, especially when the relate to issue that aren't issues anymore. :p
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