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  1. She's not mentioning that there should be no bridges; just that the ones that are SUPER long are too much... I like finding a new bridge cause i'm super excited to see what may be on the other side... BUT... I hate when that bridge goes on for a whole minute. I despise knowing I have to pack for a whole day when leaving camp... just to travel over a bridge to a ( for example) Savannah Biome for grass or poo.Usually I make my camp in a pig housing area or in a forest where there is plenty of wood. I've been lucky and had a swamp nearby as well as meadow. But on many occasions I have to go WAY out of my way ( and across one of these long a crap bridges) to find rocks or something. The excessively long bridges really do take away from the experience...
  2. I do have my sound on, but most of these were accidents/ my first run ins with Fire hounds
  3. The game can be difficult to begin with, but once you look at what others are doing, or swap ideas, or get the hang of it... the days sort of fly by I personally looooove this idea
  4. I recently tried to hatch my first Small bird and other than trying to fend off hungry pigs from it.... It hatched... and Nothing popped out. Was it too close to my fire? Was it too cold? Did I miss a step?
  5. So, I reached 45 days before I died; been getting progressively better since day one. So I've unlocked Wolfgang and I must say that I love him and Willow the most,.... so much love for them!! I've managed to get good at making some pretty impressive camps... however I keep having really bad luck with Fire hounds and they always manage to die near my twig hoard =___= -sigh- Any whoooooo~ I have a couple of questions and concerns if the forums would so kindly be able to help with. BEEHIVES: On any given map I have played on so far... I have only EVER found just 2 beehives; ( so in turn, only ever able to make 2 bee boxes) Do Beehives respawn, or can I eventually loot a honeycomb from my bee boxes? Are there ever more than just 2 or am I just really unlucky? FROGS: Do I get a naughtiness increase if I attack them after they have attacked me first?