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Hey! I love the game so far and I'm really excited to see what else happens with it. Overall the flow of it is great, but here are some little things that I think could maybe use improvement:+ When you break a tool and make a new one to replace it, it feels like it ought to equip automatically. Maybe just every time you make a tool without one equipped? Maybe there should be a 'Build & Equip' button next to 'Build' in the crafting menu for tools and torches. + On a similar note, if feels like you should have the option to use traps right away rather than having to get them out of your inventory. Definitely not as big of a deal, though. But maybe there should be a more obvious distinction between things that get built where your're standing and stay there and things that get built and go in your inventory?+ Trying to attack while holding something could be easier, too. For example, if you're putting wood on a fire and a spider comes at you, it seems like you have to think clearly enough to put the wood back in your inventory before fighting for your life. Trying to attack enemies that are behind trees, etc. can be similarly frustrating.+ It would be really cool if there was an option to auto-sort your inventory. Tools and food to the top, crafting things to the bottom. I realize this might be out of scope, but I think it would be very convenient.+ Having the whole epic fight music play every time you try to attack a bunny seems a bit much, maybe a shorter sound would be better? Similarly, the trumpet sound could probably happen less. It's a bit much when you're trying to run through a forest and keep clicking on trees by accident, for example.Okay, that's all for now! Sorry if all of this is too much, but I really love how this game is coming along and I want to try and be as helpful as possible.

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If anything I find it a bit less bothersome when my inventory is full, I just have to equip it without having to find it first, or if I'm cutting down trees, etc. I can just click that right away.Regarding traps: I feel like I'm not even using them anymore. I'm not sure if it's intentional but it's super easy to kill the bunny things by attacking from the opposite side of their hole (as long as they're not almost on top of it). It's quite fun to do but maybe makes Not Starving a bit too easy?Regarding the trumpet voice: just figured out that you can move by holding down the mouse button! Maybe there should be a message about this when you start playing the first time? Or a hover-tip when your mouse is over ground until you do it once? I've also noticed that my girlfriend (who is a super casual video game player and who loves Don't Starve so much) doesn't seem to like using the keyboard. It might be nice to have little buttons to rotate the view at the top of the screen? And then there could be a hover-tip that says you can do it with the arrow keys as well (like with the map).More thoughts about attacking: having 'attack' always happen even if there's a tree or something in the way might be a problem if you're trying to cut down a tree and there's a beefalo or a spider next behind it, but (and I'm not sure if this is even possible) maybe 'attack' should always be 'on top' after you've attacked something once or been attacked by something. (You might just want to chop down a tree with something behind it, but if you're fighting something you probably don't want to chop down a tree at the same time. Ditto for examining, mining, etc.)

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