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Sudden lag when running fraps?

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I've been doing a let's play for the game for the past week and everything was fine. Today I start up fraps and the game fps immediately lunges down to 5-6 and stops immediately when fraps is turned off.

Oh and this is with steam. I know there is a slowdown bug, but that isn't this issue. Game runs smooth without fraps running still.


Edit: RESOLVED! My HD for video editing is failing... :(


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you mean, you get lag while recording gaming with fraps?

I never heard of that happen, like... in any other game... oh wait, I did...

I would assume since you do not suffer from the general steam lag issue, it might be something coming from fraps, not don't starve?

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Fraps hasn't updated, and I've tested fraps with other games since this has happened. I know Don't Starve is the culprit. It might have to deal with the getting the update ready. I'm in no way complaining, I'm just letting them know, in case it needs fixing.

Can't wait for the update. It's really going to be awesome!

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Maybe the files you already recorded take a lot of space on your hard drive : the cache memory may be reduced.

Also, manipulating big files often increases fragmentation on your hard drive.

that's actually one of the most common reason for lag when using fraps indeed, I would make sure to check on that.

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