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Steam Issues, Play Elsewhere?

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So, I'm having some buggering little issue with my Steam (cant connect for no obvious reasons) and my network admin is asleep for the night so I cant puzzle it out until morning.

Is there some way I can play my game through Chrome without having to buy it again? Just curious.

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Augh. I dont have the pennies to throw around for a while (Bloody holiday season). Guess I'm out of luck.

Though I am kind of having a head desking moment. Why does a single player game with no online options absolutely 100% require Steam to be running to play? You'd think it'd only be needed for updates. o.o

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My Network admin woke up and stared at my computer for a while, thumped it a couple times and reinstalled everything. Works fine now, still have no idea what the problem was. Go figure. XD

I hope some cross platform compatibility will be considered int he future though, I kinda cringe at the thought of having to re-buy the game for every platform. GOOD game, but my wallet isnt that thick right now. ;)

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