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FarofaMan's drawing place =D

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So guys I think i'll make som Drawings with photoshop and my hand and i'll post here =D

Some Scribbles that i made =P :


Posted Image

WereWilson 2

Posted Image

Go for the eyes!

Posted Image

And this beautiful one:

Evil Mask

Posted Image

And how this Mask works!

Evil Mask on Wilson

Posted Image

Another one =P


Posted Image

Annnnd This one!

Wandering Around

Posted Image

Well, that's all untill now =D

Please comment this thread

rate my Drawings by commenting =DDD

Thanks a lot!

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Daaaaaw spider wants free hugs!!!

It's awesome, creepy little fella.

What about a dapper penguin? From the ocean of tea.

Well I think you request were another thing but, here, I made this! =D

Posted Image

- - - Updated - - -

hahaha, are you still offering free hugs? XD that spider sure is going to get some!

nice spidah, Farofa

Thanks =3
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