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Pretty much a list of questions that I need answering. (Spoilers possibly)


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Okay ever since seeing Etho and GenerikB play this aboslute delight of a game and trying out the demo I knew I was done for time wise. I started out with Wilson but I don't know I couldn't seem to get it together with him so I'm now using Wendy and doing great. However, I got questions about the functionality and application of certain things if you guys would be so kind to help me.

1) How do I cook with the Crock Pot? After going out my way to travel to and from a stone plateau and back again (2 days worth of travelling) I have finally got one in the hopes it will improve my food consumption input/output. However, I put a morsel in and it does nothing? Do I have to fuel it? If so what with?

2) Graves. Ok I've explored my island quite extensively and I know there are TONS of gravestones and graveyards (ever set up camp in one? The mist makes it really creepy and fairly concerning) and I did manage to plunder a lot before dying with Wilson yesterday and the items were...strange to say the least. I've acquired: A ruby ring/amulet x3, Frazzled Wires x3, Dessicated Tentacles x2, A Little Red Rocket x2, A Lying Robot and Melty Marbles x2. My question...what the **** do I do with them? (This isn't what I have currently it's a summation of all that I've found during playing).

3) What uses do Tailbird Eggs have other than research and food?

4) Farming. I've constructed the first farm plot and grew a seed and it gave me a Durain? Is this all that seeds will grow from the ones lying around or is it random?

5) Bird Traps. So far the one I have seems to be a complete waste of resources and getting silk is a bit of a pain in the ass fighting spiders etc and getting my logsuit damaged means it's hefty work to build another. I have tried seeds but they disappeared, so unless rabbits ate it, it means a bird ate them and flew off without being trapped...What should I bait these traps with to make them more tempting for the aviary community to find appealing?

6) I have the ability to make Pumpkin Lights yet I've yet to find one, are they found like carrots/berries just growing wild in a specific biome/area?

7) And finally, is it worth getting the Pan Flute? I stupidly spent 500 RP on The Meat Effigy only to realise that it requires beard hair...so it's useless for Wendy, or is it?

I'm sorry for the heavy list, but I am at an impassé at the moment and I feel asking the community would be worth while as you all seem so nice and informative. Like right now I'm on day 17 and doing pretty well. Got trees growing around my fire pit area, saplings, farm and grass growing regularly and I live in amongst a massive Rabbit field so I'm never short of traps or meat, seeing as you don't need to bait traps once you realise you can place them over Rabbit Holes.

Any help would be great on any of these issues. Thanks a bunch brohams!

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1: You need to put four ingredients in it to get it to start cooking, so four morsels will do. I think that gives you a meaty stew but I'm not really sure. The only recipe I find useful is four monster meat because cooking it that way takes away the negative effect. Still, food made in the crock pot doesn't stack so it's not exactly amazingly useful imo.

2: The items you get from graves are purely for decoration or research points at the moment. I think most/all of them give 80 points. Amulets will have a new use as of Tuesday. They'll resurrect you if you're carrying/wearing it?

3: That's all they're good for, you can farm them if you don't kill the Tallbirds. They won't respawn if you do.

4: You get a few different vegetables from farming, Durains, Dragon fruit, Corn, Eggplant, Carrots and Pumpkins. It's random what you get from each seed. Although I seem to get a lot of carrots, not sure if they're more common.

5: Silk is pretty plentiful eventually. It's renewable so they're not that hard to make later in the game but at the start they're not the best use of resources. I find baiting the traps with seeds is a waste of time, they usually fly straight in pretty often anyway. You can use their feathers to make a hat eventually too but rabbits are a better source of morsels.

6: You get pumpkins from farming. Fireflies come out at night and you can catch them with a bug net. The Pumpkin lanterns only last a couple of days though then the pumpkin rots away and you lose the fireflies too, you can smash it before that happens to get the fireflies back though.

7: I don't use it much but it's good for calming down angry monsters, I don't want to spoil anything for you so I won't say what monsters, you'll see if you haven't already. So it's up to you if it's worth the extra inventory slot.

Hope that helped.

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Thanks very much man. I have a surplus of monster meat at the moment as there's a tentacle who kills Spiders for me when I'm nearby which is really handy. I only noticed that after posting this and going back to playing.

Your help is kindly appreciated.

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1) Well, I am new to cooking aswel but you have to fill all 4 places that you have in your pot! So for example 4x meat. 2x meat 2x honey! Experiment!

2) So far, they have no meaning. Just reasearch. Or you can give them to the pig king! (Havent tested yet, but I heard about it)

3) Again - so far they have no other meaning then this. It is beta, dont forget!

4) It is random what you gonna grow on your farm! Anytime you plant some seeds something different would grow!

5) For me the birds trap works perfectly even without seeds. I catch a bird in like 5 secs after I place it.

6) You can grow pumpkin... guess where!

7) I dont think so. There is not much thinks you can do with it, but I guess it is fun.

F*ck, I am second. :p

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