Spider sacs making the game too easy?

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Enjoying DS very much. Thanks for making it.Let me say, having an egg sac drop (sometimes more than one) every time a spider-nest is destroyed seems unbalanced to me. Once I obtained log armor I just kept bashing spider nests, using the dropped egg sacs to rinse and repeat. The nests provided me with tons of meat and spiderweb. The web gives 10 research points, while cooked monster meat gives 15, so I was able to research everything in a short time. Ironically, the abundance of meat almost completely removed the challenge of not starving. Felt like an exploit. Suggestion: destroying a planted nest should not give rewards until it grows a little (time passage)?Keep up the excellent work. You guys are great!Epsicron

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Eating raw monster meat takes less health than eating it cooked.However, you can eliminate health-decrease by cooking it using Crock Pot.Anyway, yeah, once you have crock pot, farming for monster meat to cook and eat makes Hunger trivial.

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Well they're completely redoing the research system so no need to worry about that. Also maybe they could make it so putting monster meat in any recipe makes "Spoiled Stew" or something like that.So once one monster meat is in the recipe spoiled stew is thrown into the equation with an importance of "11" which is higher than any of the other crockpot recipe

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