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Wes' origin

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Wes was born to a modern family in Paris as an only child, all was well, Wes had everything he needed, home, food, family, there was only one problem, he was a jinx. Trouble and misery came to him wherever he was, was managed to get used to it until one day it led him to the most miserable, traumatizing event of his life when a fire broke out in his house, and it collapsed on all three residents. Wes woke up in the hospital miraculously alive, but at a price, both his parents where dead, he had severe tissue damage, and his vocal cords where greatly damaged, leaving him mute “you got a stroke of luck” the doctor said “but one more accident like that and you’re surely dead”. Now homeless, Wes tried to earn some money by getting a job; however he was only able to get a job that wouldn’t earn him anything: a mime. Hungry and cold, Wes walked to the curb on the side of the street that he called home only when he got there, a tall man wearing a fancy suit was waiting for him “this looks like someplace a great loser would live” he said, Wes looked down in shame as his stomach growled “are you telling me this is your place of living?” Wes nodded “what’s the matter? Can’t talk?” Wes shook his head “well my friend you’re in luck! My name’s Maxwell, and how would you like to have this all change?” Wes looked up and nodded in excitement “well then, I shall see you tomorrow”. The next day Wes woke up to find he was somewhere else, instead of concrete he was on grass, and instead of honking and the normal sounds of Paris, he heard birds, plus the same man from yesterday standing in front of him saying “say pal, you don’t look so good”

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At this point, is Maxwell even doing bad? I mean, Wes was clearly already living in a dump. He didn't seem to have much to live for. He might even prefer the Don't Starve world to his previous one.

i always thought that he couldnt kill wilson so he tried to kill wes to fill the void and yes good point at least he has friends on the island

- - - Updated - - -

Very touching story you made!

It adds a lot to Wes and his background, and plus since you used good grammar on this, unlike the last one I read.

thanks, I use word to check for mistakes first. what was the other story Edited by roboman101
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