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  1. Don't Starve MODS! - Mostrando Mods (PT-BR)

    Only if I could speak and learn more languages.
  2. “Sarcasm is the lowest form of wit.” ― Oscar WildeI'm joking lol. Yeah I agree but I didn't really spend much time doing the writing :)First-thing that came to my mind really.
  3. The Fantastic Stories

    narnia, xDI like how you've used the text editor to it's full effect to create an impact on the reader, I just love it.
  4. Diddums - Let's Play

    I love your accent, dude!I look forward to your awesome series :)Edit: Btw, I want to let you know that DXtory is MUCH MUCH MUCH better for video recording, better - smaller compressed file size, and max hd and fps. And you'll get your fullscreen working (it worked for me, when I tested with DX)
  5. Was it really necessary to link all of these up here when you can link up your playlist! LOL!
  6. Bump da ba doo do!Also, I want to mention this was made in Adobe Photoshop CS6!(I hate the new layout color on this version) xDMaybe something will change in CS7.Anywho, anyone who is starting should go for GIMP, or Paint.Net two best freewares imo.I never used GIMP, but I started with paint.net a few years ago (hints up, paint.net has compatatbility for mods)
  7. Artwork.

    I love this.All of it.10,000% of it.You sir, should become an artiste.
  8. Don't Starve - Season 2! - S2 Ep1

    I loooooooove the intro!Sorry, just got to say that.
  9. Food Alternatives to Rabbit?

    Nice! Facecam! Awesomez! xD:wilson_pirate:Also, who knows, maybe one day she will need to cut her hair, whatya going do then huh? 1000 days of surviving and not one haircut xD
  10. The Xbox 360 had plenty of indie games on there (even a section for it)! Are you sure this is being removed?
  11. Also, when the game comes out on ps4 I'd assume it'd be a digital only download (like when minecraft came to the 360).So..um, yeah lol. To (insert PS4 fanboys names here) lol, jk!
  12. If I knew how a ps4 game cover looks like, it could've been possible.
  13. Um, I believe it's possible to put a poll on the forums.But, hey, I'm no rocket scientist myself.But for sure, Wilson.
  14. Aww I missed it! :3Maybe next time.''Kinda new with this game'' - xDI would've had some good laughs lol.. TO THE ARCHIVES OF TWITCH!
  15. Wilson plz

    I'm scared for life.