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Well u need i believe 3 honeycombs to create ur own beehive, so u need to find 2 more wild beehives and destroy them. The wild ones also drop honey, but only the one time u destroy them, they cannot be harvested.

Now i have heard some ppl complain that there werent enough spawned beehives to make one of their own, so this might be the case here. Have u explored everything?

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You need ONE honeycomb. And about 8 honey

Use your net to CATCH the bees. They then drop the honey or stingers (usually more stingers than honey)

This is changing Soon though

Soon you can catch the bees alive.

I dont know if they will drop it then but if that happens you probably kill to get honey again.

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A pity you can't steal honey from a beehive without destroying it first... I mean, sure you could always make and then harvest from your own hive, but this could be a way to get honey earlier on before the craftable beehive is unlocked. And have angry bees chasing you.

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