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Learning the game

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Hey guys, newbie here

Brought the game recently, and i'm loving it. However I still don't understand certain game aspects. Is there any tutorial/guide for this game. I'm not looking for the explanation of everything, I want to discover most of the things for myself. But there's a few things that I would like to know.



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The easier way to get Research Points is to grab a shovel, dig the contents of graves and grab the mixed loot it gives. I can be wrong, but I think that every item you get in a grave gives you 80 Research Points.

Now, about what is important to research first... I think it varies, it depends on how you play the game, your play style. However I can recommend you to research the Alchemy Machine (grants you access to tier 2 items), the Logsuit (Armor! Helps in surviving) and the items under the "Refine" branch.

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Tier 2 items are all those items you can only unlock using the Alchemy Machine. (Tier 1 items are all those items you can build without research or by unlocking them at the Science Machine.)

When you build a Science Machine you will notice that some items are still not unlockable, and they don't even show the Research Points necessary to unlock. Those are tier 2 items!

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Personally I just make a science machine and make it through that night then go out and dig up as many bushes and tufts you can...go for 20 points each then trade em all in before sunset when game saves....even if you die you will still restart with all skills you have unlocked and all the points you had when game saved at sunset. I've gotten 600 in a day doing this....

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I watched your videos last night. One thing that annoys me about the "Let's Play" videos is that you watch 30 minutes of video for 3 or 4 good tips. Yours are short and to-the-point.


I think my games go something like this:

1. Collect grass/twigs/flint.

2. Build shovel ASAP.

3. Start digging grass/twigs vice collecting.

Side note: Most let's plays have you collect the grass then dig the roots. You can do it in one dig and get both the grass and the roots.

4. Build pick if I run across rocks. But only if I can collect 12 stone. Say, 4 rocks in a close area.

5. As noon approaches, collect wood.

6. As night approaches, look for camp near bunny holes.

7. Make fire and bunny 2 traps.

8. Place traps on top of bunny holes at night.

Side note: If you build a fire near 2 bunny holes, they will "peak" at night and get trapped. I can usually collect 10 meat on the first night.

Once I survive the first night, I start exploring the next day and look for a great place for a camp. I look for bunnies mostly. If I can get a fire pit between 4 or 5 bunny holes, I'm golden.

9. Set up base camp.

10. Plant grass clumps on one side, twigs on another. Leave plenty of room.

11. Spend 1/2 day exploring to the cardinal directions and 1/2 day collecting stuff.

I'm mainly looking for Beefalos, rocks, graves, and spiders. Get lots of pinecones and wood. Make some charcoal.

If I can make it to day 2 or 3, I'm usually alive till I do something stupid. Make a science station and start refining rope and planks and drop those into the research station. Get points for armor and a spear.

At this point, start killing spiders and looking for graves and pig kings.

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