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I think I must be dumb

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ok so my boyfriend got me into this game and when he showed it to me he loaded a previous session and continued to play, it seemed like a cool enough game so i ended up buying it, but now I can't figure out how to resume previous games where I havent died yet. What am I doing wrong, i can't find it. (yes this is after the game has saved generally multiple times (I usually get to day 5 before I get distracted and want to quit)

so anyone got any clue as to why i cant find the button to resume?

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Make sure your chrome is not set to delete anything on a timer.

It sounds like it deleting cached info. You could try forcing the chrome user setting. I can't find the forum Toaster might, there's a way to set a user setting on chrome, try that to see if you can force chrome to not clear the info.

It could be a corrupt Chrome file do you run any other apps?

It also may be an issue with logging in to the Google account that holds the game, perhaps screenshot or describe in high detail how you normally launch into the game any options etc..

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