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How about this. Some time ago I played Terraria a lot. And there is some special events in the game, Goblin Invasion is one of them. It's a specific period of time, when A LOT of agressive creatures invade the game world and attacks the player.

And this game an idea. Some players are bored surviving for 200+ days with no reason or specific gameplay changes, and it's really more interesting at start, building new camp and exploring a world.

I think about adding similar event. For example - every, dunno, 30 days - comes a Long Night. Darkness rises and three or five days in a row become one really long night. The player is forced to stock food and fuel for keeping fire burning. In addition - agressive mosters start attacking player in waves, forcing him to defend his life, building a system of Campfires to move around without being eaten by Boogieman.

You can add some additional defensive structures such a walls or something like this.

Well, if Pets will be realized in this game, you can also add some pets who will defend a camp and a player. Imagine massive fight for survival, player, tallbirds, beefalo - all participating in this fight.

Ahem...something like that, yes.


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I prefer the challenge to be in exploring and gething stuff to craft new items, being overrunn by alot of monsters isn't somethign this game can deal with, cause you can only really fight one thing at a time.

They are already adding hounds that will hunt you down and try to kill you.

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the thing with terraria is that it is all about fighting. yes, you gather resources, yes, you can build "houses", but nontheless, the whole reason you do this, is fighting.

Don't Starve does has fighting too, but it is just one of many aspects of the game, and surely not its main aspect.

People that are bored 200+ days in just played too long, atm, the game content is meant to last through about 30 days, everything after that is mid game and late game, and both have not been introduced yet, with the exception of the treeguard beeing the first mid game mob, and the upcoming patch that will introduce a lot more mid game content, and this also includes a lot of new weapons and enemies. so don't worry, the content you look for will come, propably not in the way you suggested, but I am pretty sure that you don't have much time to think about that when you fight burning hounts that not only want to kill you, but also destroy your basecamp... with fire!!!!!

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Whilst I agree that the focus of the game is not combat, the thought of the "long night" has some merit.

I don't think it should be a regular occurrence though, perhaps a reaction to an in game event. e.g. the demon curses the land to darkness because you killed his pet kitten (a 10 headed snarling monstrosity). Only by crafting a rare spell can you reverse thee effect, needless to say this sounds like mid - endgame stuff.

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I really don't think having something like this is a good idea, because in terraria you can hit multiple monsters at once. People that live that long will need to deal with natural disasters, peculiar events, and a variety of other terrible terrible things... but most of these haven't been added yet.

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