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  1. Uh the new world generation is NOT FUN, the satrting worlds are way too big empty boring. All the unconnected island makes it a hassle.I can understand adventure modes later worlds being like this, but the satrter level should be MORE FUN.
  2. I have not noticed any paths at all in my new worlds, but only a tiiiiny tiny part of road, maybe like 50 meters in total.
  3. MY new maps hardly gets any roads at all, but the tiny nit thats is there shows up normally in game and shows up nicely on map.
  4. After the winter patch, words spawns with huge empty areas HUGE biomes and Hardly any roads at all.I hope this is a bug or jsut some crazy randomness (3 times in a row)
  5. All of these have been shown pictures off before
  6. sunk boat and deerclops has been in the files for several updates already.
  7. the magic flute or sleeping darts perhaps.
  8. Awesome, its always nice knowing when info will get released!
  9. The animation and/or physics wouldn't look good without a lot of work I guess.
  10. Will there be a teaser for next week update? or does the "roadmap" take its place this week? I thought i rmemeber them saying they they would post a teaser a week between the updates.
  11. Thats how I found it aswell. when it was promoted the first week or seomthing.
  12. you can turn of the steam features in game in the steam options.
  13. Unless they already have an internal way of doing it, this soudns like a issue too small and limited for them to take time and fix.
  14. My problem is ahving to do soemnthing for it to grow back,,, I'd prefer if it just regrew slower? IF A NERF REALLY WAS NEEDED.
  15. Boo this update will not make me enjoy the game more. Nerfing grass is bad enough, but making me having to actively restoring it with manure sounds anoying, make it regrow slower or something. Everything dyeing on you all the time while you starve isnt always great. I want to get into situations where I can enjoy it more. It seems you make too many decitions based on your hardcore survivor players, who wants everything to be hard and anoying.
  16. I don't like anything you need to create stuff is finite, kindof breaks the game. especialy when you ened them for mines wich it soudns like youll need to stay alive a long time, and the lonegr u stay the less flint will be left.
  17. Bug Submission Please choose a category [Gameplay] Platform Steam Version Number - Issue title Lost controle functions after patch. Steps to reproduce continued game Describe your issue After todays update "," and "." no longer works to spin camera, and my touchpads scroll function no longer works to zoom in and out. I really liked that I could play this game without having to plug in a mouse, its a shame that the games control options dropping, I'm guessing and hoping its some bug, this all worked before. I know i can spin camera with "q" and "e" but thats inconvinient.
  18. Think this only happens when 2 objects is placed along the same line exactly?
  19. check your nvidia settings? fiddeling around with them might help.
  20. This game would be very limited if it took out everything that resembled minecraft. Either way I don't understand why a type of tree would be connected to minecraft.
  21. I think birch trees would be a nice graphical addition to the game, they are visually striking and would be a complete contrast to the pine trees.
  22. I prefer the challenge to be in exploring and gething stuff to craft new items, being overrunn by alot of monsters isn't somethign this game can deal with, cause you can only really fight one thing at a time. They are already adding hounds that will hunt you down and try to kill you.
  23. Did you try playing the game in the chrome store ?