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Steam doesn't save.


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Hi, I'm allready at my thrid attempt and Steam killed my save for the third time.

I just start up the game after leaving (a world where I was alive). After restarting the game the next day my save is gone and only the "new game" option is availible. The game seems to remember some of my progression but not all science points.

I'm using the Steam beta version. Could this be the reason?

This kills my motivation. Any suggestions?


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welcome to the forum.

you might not have noticed that there is a sub forum especially for bugs, I guess this thread would have been better posted there. Also, in this bug forum, there are several posts concerning this very special issue, and a solution aswell. It had something to do with the firewall iirc, not sure atm, but I am pretty sure you will find help with that problem in there.

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