Game state not saved between machines?

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I've played several hours on my laptop and then came over to my desktop expecting all my game progress to be available there when I log in but nothing is there, its starting from the beginning all over again, is this the way its supposed to work? I expected this was a 'cloud game' in the sense that I can play it anywhere.Is it possible to grab some files off my laptop and move them to my desktop?NOTES: I logged into the game on my desktop using the same google account as my laptop and chrome on both my desktop and laptop are synced w/the same google account as well.Sam

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As of right now, I believe that saved games are not transferable from one computer to another :(

I didn't even imagine that this wouldn't be possible, but it isn't. All my progress on my home mac, not accessible on my macbook.. bummer. Only if the world generated can be transfered..
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Actually, I believe games are transferable now. Not totally positive buy my friend says his are. Haven't been able to try it yet.

This cannot be true, the game is saved locally. You can access the file and save it onto a portable device but that is about it.
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