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  1. Getting "Error: Module load error: undefined" every time I try to start the game on the latest build, everything was working great in 66066 and I managed to play 66151 once but now I can't.
  2. I've played several hours on my laptop and then came over to my desktop expecting all my game progress to be available there when I log in but nothing is there, its starting from the beginning all over again, is this the way its supposed to work? I expected this was a 'cloud game' in the sense that I can play it anywhere.Is it possible to grab some files off my laptop and move them to my desktop?NOTES: I logged into the game on my desktop using the same google account as my laptop and chrome on both my desktop and laptop are synced w/the same google account as well.Sam
  3. Yea I'd take either '(Right/Left)Click once to ACTION something all the way' or 'Hold the button to ACTION something all the way' or even be able to reassign that function to a key (like Spacebar) since my left hand isn't do anything at all.
  4. Hey guys,Love the game, found you at PAX. I've played about 5hrs so far and one systemic issue I have is it requires so much clicking. I can't click that much, it kills my fingers, arms and shoulders, can you make it so holding down the mouse button 'clicks' on whatever you started holding the mouse down? Diablo did this in there latest release and it really made the difference between me being able to play it and not.Sam
  5. +1Twice now, around level 15 I've died because night came and I couldn't click on anything to start a fire or starves because I couldn't click anything to eat.Sam