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  1. Actually, I believe games are transferable now. Not totally positive buy my friend says his are. Haven't been able to try it yet.
  2. Bug Submission Please choose a category [Crash] Platform [*]Chrome Version Number - Issue title NaCi Crashes After I Jump Into Nexus Steps to reproduce Build machine from old parts. Wooden box thing, metal crank thing, ect. Teleport and the game puts you back into main screen. Game no longer loads when selected from save slot. Describe your issue This could be just me, but after I teleported into the Nexus, the game showed me my XP earned and took me back to the main screen. And now, after I select the save slot, a red screen comes up that states "NaCi has crashed" and I can no longer load my game. It was in Sandbox mode, just so you know. Not sure if that matter
  3. But there is like, a ton of trees that have spawned really close to eachother. After the latest update I haven't really played cuz' I have been busy with school but I got on this afternoon and saw this: Not sure if this was a bug or not but thought I would report it
  4. Um, how do you actually kill a beefalo? Is there a way? I got rushed once and that was enough for me!
  5. But I just tried to log in after the update and my saved game was gone. zip. zilch. Not there. I just started a new game tho... Just letting you guys know.
  6. As of right now, I believe that saved games are not transferable from one computer to another
  7. Hello, I just bought this game and gave away the friend key. (Me and my buddie are both luving this game, btw Sooooo anyway, I just found out that my dad also wants the game. Um, is it possible for my dad to login to my account on a different PC and play the game? I tried it but wasn't sure if I was doing something wrong because it wasn't working Thanks! I also have a couple of bugs to report so I will head over there in a few Peace