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The Mushrooms That Moved

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I wrote my full name on the cover, so you can tell things are ABOUT TO GO DOWN!

This shall be updated during days I feel like writing. I hope you enjoy....


Say pal, have you ever looked closer to the things around you, for example, usually when you walk past a house with bricks, you look at it for a split second or don't bother looking at it at all, looking closer, however, you can see the roughness of every brick, how bumpy it is, when you look at the grass for a second, you just see tall green grass, sticking in your yard, when you look closer, you can see the dirt, and the things living in it; worms, ants, and etc. In the Don't Starve world, you only think about surviving, but if you look closer to your surroundings, you will know the world better, mushrooms, for example, you might not know it, but a whole world is going on, a whole different civilization, a war, a war between two nations, just look closer...


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Chapter 1

The mandrake wave passed through the tunnel, not getting the mushroom's scent, Spot and Cap still weren't spotted, yet. They were hidden in an underground crevice. Cap went to the crevice opening and scanned the area. "They're going to the gates." Cap told Spot.

"Oh rabbitdrops."

Swearing was common to be heard from Spot, he nearly swore all the time when something bad happened, and this was the worst.

Cap then noticed a stack of rocks at a far part of the tunnel, in the direction the mandrakes were going.

"I have an idea."

Cap pointed over to the rock stack, Spot knew what he was going to do.

"You do know we'll get spotted."

"It's either us, or the whole mushroom civilization."

"....Go for it."

Cap then got out his bow, he took out an arrow from his backpack, and carefully aimed it at a part in the rock stack where two rocks met, he fired the arrow, the arrow got stuck between the two rocks, and they then lost their balance and fell, crushing a few mandrakes and blocking the rest from going any farther, they then look around, trying to see where the arrow was fired from, they then looked over to the crevice and began to slowly move towards it. Spot then holds his hand out to Cap.

"It's been nice being your partner."

Cap then shakes Spot's hand and they both grab their bows, shooting at individual mandrakes, but the horde was too large.

"Finally, morning." Wilson states, he then gets off his sleep roll and begins to stretch. The rest of the group then gets up. The group consisted of Wilson, Willow, WX-78 and Wickerbottom. "FUEL RESERVE LOW." WX exclaims. Wilson then checks the Ice Box. "We have... Eggs..... Morsels... And Frog Legs." Wilson then brings them out. "We always have this every morning, I want something different!" Willow exclaimed. "FARM'S RESOURCES ARE EXHAUSTED." WX exclaims. Everyone then shivers, hating fertilization day. "IT IS WILSON'S TURN. WILSON, GET THE POOP." WX then points to the savanna. "WX, why don't you get it, because your a robot, you won't care about being grossed out..." Wilson tried to weasel out of getting the manure. "DECLINING, I GOT THE FERTILIZER 3 TIMES." WX then points to the savanna again. Wilson, head down, walks over to the savanna.

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Chapter 2

"We shall not forget these heroes brave sacrifice, to protect our village from the mandrake horde, let us pray for their departure into paradise." the high priest said, everyone was outside, at Cap and Spot's gravestones, kneeling before them, hands together, praying.

Spore and Shroomshire were the only one's not praying, they were all the way in the back.

"You should pray."

"I'm the general of the army, why should I?"

"He was your brother."

"We all already know he's going to Heaven, what's the point."

"It shows that you care about him."

"He already knows I care."

"Due to your lack of emotions, I think he doesn't know."

"I don't have time for this."

Spore then gets up and walks away, Shroomshire then gets on the ground and prays.

Wilson comes back, rocking back and forth in a corner, constantly mumbling; "It,.... It was everywhere..........." over and over. WX then went over to Wilson.

"SEE, COLLECTING POOP ISN'T THAT BAD." WX exclaimed. Wilson looked over at WX for a minute, looking angry, and then continues rocking back and forth.

Night then begins to fade, everyone then gets on a straw roll and slumbers, except for Willow, she starts a fire in the Fire Pit, and keeps watch, in case of hounds or spiders.

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