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Shuffling your inventory is an important part of the game right now, and I like the decisions it forces you to make. For example: if I've got a hundred cowpies, can I also afford an inventory slot for wood? Or, I'd love to pick that carrot right now but I just don't have the room - I'll have to remember where it is an come back later. I hope that at some point you'll add a backpack or something that lets you expand to a couple extra inventory slots, but I enjoy how limited your inventory room is right now.Unfortunately one frustrating part of the game right now is that you can only drop items one at a time. Being able to drop stacks (probably by default) would make juggling inventory way easier. Also being able to pick up and equip an axe without needing a free inventory slot would be sure nice.

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Yes, I completely agree. I'll try to get something in for the next build. You should be able to pick objects up 'into your hand' when you have full slots (an oversight on my part)Also, maybe you should be able to drop a full stack by shift-clicking? Modifier-clicks are a bit obtuse, but it's kind of a power-user thing, so it might work.

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