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  1. Hunger/health meters incorrect

    The numbers are right, but the pictures seem to go almost randomly up and down. Sometimes eating a berry will take it from looking 3/4 full to 1/4 full, while the number will be correctly +10. It freaked me out at first. Since it happens with everything but cooked meat, I thought berries and other food randomly poisoned you sometimes.
  2. Shuffling your inventory is an important part of the game right now, and I like the decisions it forces you to make. For example: if I've got a hundred cowpies, can I also afford an inventory slot for wood? Or, I'd love to pick that carrot right now but I just don't have the room - I'll have to remember where it is an come back later. I hope that at some point you'll add a backpack or something that lets you expand to a couple extra inventory slots, but I enjoy how limited your inventory room is right now.Unfortunately one frustrating part of the game right now is that you can only drop items one at a time. Being able to drop stacks (probably by default) would make juggling inventory way easier. Also being able to pick up and equip an axe without needing a free inventory slot would be sure nice.
  3. Difficulty

    So, I'm not sure what you intend for the final difficulty, but I thoroughly enjoyed getting my ass handed to me when I first started playing, and like that right now you lose all your progress and have to start over.I was actually kind of disappointed once I got a little farm going and never had to worry about starving again. After playing for a couple hours I feel like I've got the current game solved (although I've yet to make a tent or take down a beefalo). It'd be nice if resources were more scarce, so that I was in more constant danger.I do like the idea of having being given a fresh instance and told to complete some challenge. I'm guessing a lot of people would rather play forever in a sandbox (which is totally fun too), but personally I love starting over from scratch and barely scraping by. That wonderful feeling of just barely making it through the night.
  4. Fire bugs

    I had a basic fire go out on me, once. It seems like time doesn't advance for them when they're offscreen, so I could light a fire then come back five days later and find it still waiting for me to toss on a couple beefalo pies and get a bonfire going again.I also found a bug with one of my two stone firepits. When I walked to the edge of the visible area from it, everything would go suddenly and completely black (possibly because the fire burned down one step). I'd about-face and beeline back towards the fire, but no light would appear until I was practically standing on it. Then suddenly poof - light everywhere again. This was consistent (and scary), but only happened with the one pit.Also, maybe related - Colin says if you walk through the pig's fire, everything goes dark.
  5. Praise

    I totally love Don't Starve. I loaded it up just to take a peek, thinking I'd get right back to work after checking it out for a minute. And here I am four hours later. Compelling is definitely the word to describe it, I found myself engrossed like I get with Minecraft or Dwarf Fortress.The most fun for me was discovery. I died right away (what - it gets dark?), then again (what do you mean I can't survive by eating flower petals?), then again (huh, turns out those pigs fight back). I was excited to start out fresh again knowing more each time. Figuring out which resources grow back, discovering how to trap a rabbit, and seeing the pigs light their fire for the first time were great experiences. I hope you're planning to add a lot more!
  6. Lost tool when creating new tool

    Colin says he had an axe in his hand and a full inventory when he made a new picaxe, and the axe from his hand suddenly ceased to exist.I think it should have fallen to the ground? I find it hard to see things on the ground sometimes if they fall behind something, but he looked around but couldn't find it on the ground anywhere.