Why there should be a dog.

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Since this game doesn't have a multiplayer system, it's kind of bland. The main character doesn't have anyone to talk to. The only dialogue are game hints and such, and there's really nothing else going on. Of course, you have the intro whenever you start a new game, but that's about it.

Enter Dogmeat. The devs can finally put in some of their creative humour with dialogue between a [wo]man and that person's dog. Of course, the dog should be invincible, because it'd be annoying if the dog got killed by a tentacle or something. And the only way for the dog to die would be by the hands of the owner. And there should be a Do you REALLY want to do this? Yes/No. Are you really sure? No/Yes. Then do you agree to the terms and conditions as provided by ... Agree/DNAgree.

So really, the dog should drop something unique, and you can use that unique item to bring back a ghost dog like in that Nightmare movie.

tl;dr There should be more conversations in the game.

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Enter Dogmeat.

I remember Dogmeat... from Fallout. He was a good dog, except when we got to the Super Mutant stronghold. I kicked all the other NPCs out of my team because I didn't want them to die, but Dogmeat wouldn't stay behind, so I let him follow me. A super mutant killed him on the second floor during a burst-fire attack against me. It was a sad day. On the bright side I killed all the super mutants and won the day!

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