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As the game is, it's trying to balance between these two difficulties, for those who enjoy taking their time a little and building a base in the wilderness, and those who want the game more difficult so they have to stay on the move to survive, so rather then try and please both parties and end up upsetting everyone, add a difficulty setting and please everyone properly.


. *Item stacks are higher

. *Item endurance is possibly higher

. *research carries over


. *Limited Item stacks

. *Items break easily (Double their usage)

. *Resources are rarer (berry bushes/stone)

. *Research resets every play-through

. *No pine cones/Limited pine cones

. *Leaderboards

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One word- BETA

Things change and happen but not because people scream 'hurry up'.

Because we LOVE our developers and we treat them nice and ask nicely.

THe amount of work required to generate a difficulty scale is not to be underestimated.

I think they would alienate more people if they focused on only adding in a bit of 'optional' gaming device instead of focusing on making the core game experience better and better with each day.

Just a thought.

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I would rather have them making the game content complete with new biomes and creatures and such before going to work on a difficulty system. Difficulties and multiplayer too, are fine ideas, but ideas for later on, preferable after launch and yes they have promised to keep adding new stuff even after launch.

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Lowering the max items you can have in a stack does not make the game harder imo, it just forces the player to walk more.. Reducing the number of itemslots would make things worse, since then you will have to leave stuff behind.

And another thing I missed from your hard difficulty, was damage modifiers, either making the player deal less damage, or the enemies deal more damage.

The reset of the research could actually be fun.

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