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Are there plans to continue the Archaic line?

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It's been a bit since the first skill tree spotlight update.
The spot was on Wormwood, Woodie, and Wolfgang.
That update dropped with a new skin line, the Archaic collection, and the Survival Guide short when it was finished. Each of the characters got a new skin set, and a video short featuring the three of them together in what seemed like a new format!

Around the Holidays, Wigfrid and Willow had a skill tree spotlight update of their own, but this update didn't release with any skins related to them OR a short featuring the updated spotlight characters.
This was honestly super depressing and upsetting to find out on launch, especially with a portion of folks feeling like the beta itself was seriously rushed.

Come around to the most recent update, we got an AMAZING QOL update that added a lot of community desired features alongside something else, that being touch-ups to the Willow and Wigfrid skill trees. Wormwood too, a bit.
I was almost certainly expecting them to take this time to launch this update with their Archaic skins, to make up for the lack of any character related skins on their respective update. We did get Willow's Moonbound skin, but that's been leaving me with a question.

Are there any plans to continue the Archaic line? I was honestly expecting them with the most recent update focusing on them.
I'm curious to know if the Survival Guide and the Archaic line might've been a one-off thing for fun, and expecting it to be a new spotlight trend was simply just the community getting their hopes up.

I'm trying to word this post in a way that doesn't come off as demanding, I'm just genuinely curious right now if we should look forward to future characters getting Archaic skins or not. I'm hoping we can get a proper follow up!

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the recent skin sets have been pretty hit or miss tbh..

the moonbound skins, excluding the non humans, are some of the ugliest skins in the game imo

the masquerader skins are very over the top and look rather out of place

and as for the archaic skins, while a cool theme - woodies and wolfgangs are rather uninspired, seems like the set only exists to give worm another cool skin 

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1 hour ago, -Variant said:

 Archaic collection,

Ahem Ahem- aren't you forgetting someone ?:-P

But seriously, you are right. Also The Survival guide was a great way to show relations of characters. Klei utilised it to show tension between characters that had opposite interests(Woodie Wormwood etc.) which was a great way to increase tension between characters for upcomming Lunar Vs Shadow stuff. I hope they revisit it with other characters.

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I've been wondering about this as well. Thulecite and ruins stuff is some of my favorite in the game and I loved the archaic character and item skins. Would be a huge bummer if that was the extent of it all. I'd gladly pay for more archaic skins. Would be cool if we could get an archaic themed ice box and salt box. And that crock pot skin from the archive would be nice. But yeah I'd also like to know if it was a one-off or not.

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