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give us a different trash can and let the scaled furnace quickly & in bulk cook/burn items

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Klei, i know you want to have there be a way to remove items (except the Litteral eternal fruitcake that i now worship.) thus making removing those items permanently.

but a good couple of us think it would fit better if that was given to an item other than the Scaled furnace.

in turn let the scaled furnace be a way to quickly cook items (into their cooked versions) and burn items (into ash and charcoal) in bulk. (the action should take about 1s Imo)

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3 minutes ago, Szczuku said:

Here's a trash can idea:

Collect acid in empty bottles and craft an acid bin for destroying items

could also be a easy (though late game) way to get Growth formula.

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Scaled furnace is good enough imo. Infinite durability incinerator is decent. 4 slots? Not a problem. Just keep tossing garbage in and it's all gone.

Not like there's that much garbage to incinerate anyway. Old tools being most common.

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