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[Game Update] - Public Testing 594767

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  • Developer

A few fixes for U51 in the public testing branch.

Changes and Improvements

  • All versions
    • Adjustments to the new Tasteful Memorial artwork.
    • Added "Copy Settings" button to Manual Generator.
    • Sidescreen Blueprint and Material tab selection is now preserved when changing between multiple world objects of the same type.
    • Updated Gas Reservoir blueprints to match the updated artwork.
    • Added an animation when switching which Blueprint an in-game building is using.
  • Spaced Out! only
    • Added "Copy Settings” button to Radbolt Chamber


  • All versions
    • Fixed audio issue causing the game to freeze when viewing the Plumbing Overlay with a large number of pipes when zoomed out using screenshot mode.
    • Fixed Critter Drop-Off not counting critters based on selected critters.
    • Fixed Critter Drop-Off and Critter Pick-Up strings suggesting they are logic outputs and add specific strings for automation inactive and active.
    • Add prioritizable to the new Critter Pick-Up.
    • Fix Airborne Critter Condo not creating a stable.
    • It is no longer possible to use the change material utility on POI buildings.
    • It is no longer possible to use the change material utility on buildings which have not been researched yet.
    • Fixed issue causing the incorrect building blueprint to sometimes appear selected in the UI blueprint tab.
    • Fixed inverted logic for Move To chore, critter move is now ranch and ore move is now storing chore types.
    • Potential fix for a crash using the Attack Tool on a critter.
    • Fixed a crash that could occur when a Duplicant needs to pee while being deleted.
    • Potential Load tooltip should now consider Power Transformer consumption.
    • Fixed an issue where applying a blueprint to a storage building such as a Refrigerator would also apply the blueprint to the items within.
    • Fixed some parts of a building not animating properly when switching blueprints.
    • Building rotation is now preserved when ordering reconstruction with a new material.
  • Spaced Out! only
    • Fixed crash landing rocket carrying critters in Critter Cargo Bays.
    • Fixed layout width issue on some rocket module sidescreens.


  • Adding back constructors to AttributeModifier to prevent breaking mods.

Supply Closet

  • Changed the default pants in the HVAC Coveralls Outfit and Rebel Gi Outfit. 
  • Revised LED Pants to include a belt.

Known Issues

  • Critter Drop-Off and Pick-Up automation is not working correctly.
  • Auto-Sweepers not working correctly with storages.
  • Conduits are behaving differently.

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Hello ONI devs! Sorry if this is excessive, but it was buried by all of the comments in the last post, so I'm posting it again here in case you didn't see it: Can you fix arbor trees not being able to mutate? A few months back you implemented the ability for arbor tree branches to be affected by mutations, but pips still can't harvest mutated arbor acorns, as mentioned here:

Thanks a whole bunch in advance!

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