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How to make a mod?

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I am looking through the code tried changing gnarlics stats didn't do anything, probably because it doesn't work how i thought, but i would like some help learning how to mod this game. If you know how to mod in a weapon or enemy please teach me how even if its just a single file and your not good at explaining.


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Modding would certainly contribute to Rotwood popularity if Klei provide a bit of tools for it. Personally I'd sure like to try and make fun stuff if we're already having support for making new creatures, armors, weapons... in general the capacity of replicating all of the core features with personal animations and all that. I was feeling like I couldn't really mod anything too complex on Klei's previous game Griftlands so I didn't really bother.

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On 3/6/2024 at 1:21 PM, Cliffford W. said:

This game will probably not be intended for modding

This game will probably be intended for modding. Look here at the Early Access Page:

Mod support and language options are also very important to us, so we expect to have workshop support and additional supported languages by launch or shortly after that.“


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