Difficulty spike around beefalo

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The spiders are in larger nest on the plain-field looking areas, as opposed to the forest and such. And only two locations where the Beefalo are roaming have a larger amount of spiders as well. The biggest Beefalo gathering I've found so far is one of the islands that is almost nothing but a plain field, and dozens and dozens of spiders.

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No problem. :) One of the easier things to do is to set fire to the Spider's nest. When you destroy it, they'll have to stay out during the day as well. Which will, over time, make it much easier to pick them off one by one. HOWEVER, setting fire to a Spider's nest anywhere near trees has a pretty high risk of having the Spider's run into the trees and igniting them. I've done burned down three forest doing this.

So use this advice with caution. Also, when you hit or ignite the Spider's nest, run. Run fast.

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