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  1. Anyway to pay with paypal?

    Unfortunately, not until the game expands past the Google Chrome App Store.
  2. Yeah, that'd look nice, and it'd be more realistic to what you have out in the wilderness.
  3. Research

    You'll need to get a LOT of rocks, wood and grass, then go to the refining menu, and refine them all to the required amounts for the Science Machine. Then when you make the Science Machine, you just feed any item into it, to give you research points. Most common items will be 1 point, uncooked meat and gold is 10 points, and cooked meat is 15. You can also put some of the items you dig up out of the graves into the science machine to rack up to roughly 80 science points.
  4. I wrote a big page of suggestions in a new topic and put this in there. Hopefully some of it will go a long way.
  5. Day 69 here in paradise! After spending the majority of my past two days out here in the wilderness with things trying to murder me, I decided to jot down a little bit of ideas and feedback. Of course, nothing I suggest or say matters at all. I'm into this game for the long haul. With that said, here is my list of what I would possibly like to see with the final product: [*]Fences - As you can see [kinda], my "home" is surrounded by trees, everywhere except for the bottom. This was to help a little since I'm in a heavy spider populated area. And it has worked pretty well, until the trees wither away. The option to build fences out of the wood you gather is not only probable, but a good idea. So creatures couldn't come up on you from one side, or all around. It'd protect your home, and Pig Entourage, from Spiders and stop those pesky Beefalo from sleeping on top of your stuff so you can't grab it. [*]Light Post - A tall skinny structure that won't set fire to trees if near them. Maybe made out of a tall stick of wood and a clear sack of some sort, filled with fireflies, or animal skin and oils on a non-flammable pole. The light could be about as powerful as a dimming campfire. And if made with captured fireflies, will auto light up every night. Just barely enough light to provide you with enough visual if anything is coming your way. Could be made moderately difficult so people don't just light up the world at the beginning of the game and defeat the purpose of the ambiance and eerie "What's out there?" [*]Map Zoom - It can be a little dangerous sometimes. I clicked on my map to pause a game while I was being chased by some Spiders so I could take a break. When I came back, I zoomed into my map to look at where I was suppose to be heading. When I exited the map, the game itself had zoomed into my character, it gave me little space to run with, and blocked the Spiders from my viewing angel. I didn't die, but I got a pretty good scare and hit out of it. [*]Map Legends - An icon for the Tent, and a single one for farming. Give the map a radius distance from crop areas so if we put down a fair amount of crops in one area, we don't see a like, eight or more icons cluttered together on the map. Just one for that area. [*]Items Overlaying/Growing Over Items - Grass grew over my tent. I can get into my tent, but I can't cut the grass off of it. Which is pretty annoying. It gives me the option too. Birds that drop seeds on my crop fields. I think the seeds should have priority because now I have three on one patch, and either one or two on the others. I can't grab them. [*]Moving Objects - This would REALLY be helpful. Especially in the problem where I got my tent covered by grass and seeds on my crops. Also, we could have a highlighting feature where we can align where we want our chest and crop fields at so they can be more so organized. I have two chest overlapping each other because it placed it a little more to the right that I was expecting it to. I also have too many trees together, trying to grow and causing a lot of glitching due to overlapping. [*]Chopping/Digging/Mining - Click once, or hold mouse button to preform task. I saw a complaint on how too much clicking was hurting a long term player. And it can cause a bit of a tiff sometimes with swaying trees and some thing walking in front of you. [*]Weapons/Items Repair and Upgrades - Repair Axes and armor so the cost won't be so great, but varying depending on the damage to said item. And maybe a stronger axe, shovel, pickaxe by being created out of different materials? We do come into a lot of gold. [*]Magic Attacks - A few different magical related attacks would be neat, since we're doing a magic and science game. Or how about you build a gauntlet or device that you wear that allows you to use types of magic until it breaks? Probably would be more realistic with the ranged attacks I mention below. [*]Ranged Attacks - Please, dear God, too many Spiders! Bow and Arrows fashioned from stone and trees. [*]Hats - Maybe have a slew of unlockable ones. Most importantly though, the ones we do have, such as the Top Hat, the classic 'hair sticking out from behind' thing. No matter which way you turn, the hair is sticking out from the opposite side of the hat. I understand new sprites would have to be made. But it'd make it more so realistic. [*]Various Vegetables - Just a couple more maybe, or an Apple. Each doing a little more hunger than the previous one. For the beginners anyways. [*]Character Leveling - Increase Health/defense against attacks. And could we level up in game, not after we die. What if we just want to keep on playing? If we die, just to level up, we lose everything. :/ [*]Quick Travel - Maybe once the game gets official and much bigger, a quick travel option would be desirable. It takes me long enough as it is to get to where I need to on the map. But nothing so simply acquired of course. It'd be understandable if it was one of the hardest things to get on the game. [*]Full Screen - I'm sure it'll probably be available once the game launches on Steam, but just throwing this out there. The bottom item box is just a bit in the way sometimes when I'm running down a bridge or towards myself. [*]Beta Game Stats - Probably just not showing since it's a beta, but it'd be neat for it to work. Have our days documented and if our current emails are what we use for our Steam accounts, have our game information transported over when the game is completed. [*]Steam Achievements - Pretty please, with a cherry on top? Scratch that, I hate cherries. I'm an achievement hunter. [*]Steam "Don't Starve" Veteran Award, maybe? - Maybe some kind of award, or token, or object that people will be able to see publicly upon visiting the gamer's Steam profile, that show said specific user was a player of the beta and purchased it, or whatever. You don't have to pay attention to me. I just like bragging rights over new players. So there you have it. Just a list of silly things that I saw some people submit and what I thought "this would be even better if..." Of course, it's just suggestions. In all honesty, this game is one of the most enjoyable things I have played in awhile, even on any of my consoles. They just don't make things as addicting and as good as this. I really can't wait to see what you guys do from now. I can only imagine. Now if you excuse me, my top hat is getting all wrinkled.
  6. Television

    What do you like? What do you watch? Got a favorite show or two, maybe one you want to discuss? The American fall-line up is starting, are there any shows you guys are excited for? Go. Doctor Who started it's new season the other day. It was pretty great as always, I'm happy to see it back. The premier definitely lived up to it's hype, in my opinion. Here's my list of shows I'm looking forward to this fall: [*]American Horror Story (October 17) [*]Castle (September 24) [*]Community (October 19) [*]Dexter (September 30) [*]Doctor Who (Saturdays) [*]Fringe (September 28) [*]Grimm (Mondays) [*]How I Met Your Mother (September 24) [*]Law & Order: SVU (September 26) [*]Once Upon a Time (September 30) [*]Sons of Anarchy (September 11) [*]Supernatural (October 3) [*]Two Broke Girls (September 24) [*]The Vampire Diaries (October 11) [*]The Walking Dead (October 14)
  7. Hopefully in some aspect, they respawn. I'm not sure though. There's one island in particular on my game that is LOADED with flint and rocks to be broken. And my starting point had a fair amount.
  8. Map

    I kinda like some of the simplicity of the map, though last night I noticed that the bridges had the same detail as the rest of the areas, which kinda looks like the bridges are made out of grass. Some faint color-coding wouldn't be too bad. I would also like to see a couple more icons in the legend such as for the tent and a single icon for farming. With that said, if I put fifteen places down to plant crops, I don't want to see a cluttered map. Just one single Icon. Maybe give it a radius on the map so those won't become problematic.
  9. Difficulty spike around beefalo

    No problem. One of the easier things to do is to set fire to the Spider's nest. When you destroy it, they'll have to stay out during the day as well. Which will, over time, make it much easier to pick them off one by one. HOWEVER, setting fire to a Spider's nest anywhere near trees has a pretty high risk of having the Spider's run into the trees and igniting them. I've done burned down three forest doing this. So use this advice with caution. Also, when you hit or ignite the Spider's nest, run. Run fast.
  10. I would second this. I like the idea of just clicking on say "Chop" and it chopping the tree down until it's done, but with the way that it takes the damage to your weapon/item per swing, might be a bit of a conflict. Maybe it'll all be worked out when the game is released.
  11. Great job man! This is my second day in real-time, and Day 62 on the game. I'm not just building my garden and uncovering the remaining blank spaces on my map. + Rep!
  12. Spider strategy

    I've done burned down three forest.
  13. If I Willingly Cut the Game Off...

    Oh man! That is incredible news! Thank you Bigfoot!
  14. The spiders are in larger nest on the plain-field looking areas, as opposed to the forest and such. And only two locations where the Beefalo are roaming have a larger amount of spiders as well. The biggest Beefalo gathering I've found so far is one of the islands that is almost nothing but a plain field, and dozens and dozens of spiders.
  15. I've been playing for five hours now. Loving the heck out of it. I'm just a little worried, I'm on Day 43 now. If I cut the game off through the menu, will I have to start back on Day 1 when I wake up tomorrow?