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Critters hunger mechanic

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Probably super late but i forgot.

Remove or rework the hunger mechanic of critters to at least be more sporadic. They are very cute but gets annoying pretty fast with the constant moaning.
The ability to eat things its usefull, just the sounds of some of them needs to be tunned down.

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yeah, right now critters feels like they were included through a monkey's paw.

you get adorable friendly miniature versions of mobs and bosses? sure!

just make them make the most obnoxious complaining noise every minute if you don't dedicate an inventory slot to feed them.. in a game where inventory space already feels so tight to begin wtih :p

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16 hours ago, goatt said:

I think we should have a critter feeding station. When critter is in range, their hunger goes up automatically with or without contacting it.

They should be managed semi-automatically for most of the time.

honestly would rather they just remove it altogether or provide a genuine incentive to feeding them aside from annoying you constantly

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