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  1. This used to be my favourite hands skin but now it looks ugly. It doesn't even brown! I miss the fingers.
  2. Hello! Im not sure if i can asky something like this but i will give it a shot. I want to stop regrowth on some areas of a cave base, totally. Im aware of some torfs that stop it but only a few ones, and i wanna know how can i add variety to this so doesnt all look the same. I searched it up and aparently turfs are divided in soft and hard turfs, and the last ones are the ones that stop regrowth. So i wannaknow if is there some tag to know wich ones im able to use? Iguess not,or it would be in the wiki or spreaded in internet since i know several peps ask this constantly. Anyway thanks you in advance!
  3. Our just finished storage area in a Public Endless World