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False Fadvertising

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"Fireproof" unlike "waterproof" doesn't guarantee imperviousness, only resistance (probably because fire has the potential to burn more intensely and hotter). It would still be better to use the term "fire-resistant" to avoid confusion, if this were not a case of magic.

Then again, using the fish suggests it would be a water-based barrier that could evaporate if it gets hot enough.


(Also falsetto is used in reference to the song and not the paper itself, so "fireproof" is being used to describe the song or its effects.)

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On 12/11/2023 at 8:35 PM, NoodlemanNed said:

fireproof falsetto fails to fulfill its function as a fireproof fixture. frankly this feels futile for a fish who frequently flobbed flowing water for as long as a fire flamed within its finicky field of view.


My brain is melting.

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embed video didnt work, crying rn.
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