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Well. You did it Klei. You did it. But at the very least, Golden Wigfrid should be the shroud that envelops the Lunar Lullaby

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You have all the data. We've seen it. We have seen Golden Wigfrid and we cannot unsee it.

It was a bug before? Fine. That's to be expected.

But you've ruined us. We all loved her. We all cherished Golden Wigfrid.


Now I'm asking that Golden Wigfrid graduates from bug to feature. I think the Lunar alignment song should make Wigfrid glow with a golden hue


Bring her back to me, Klei. Please, bring her back.

And for good measure, Add shadow Wigfrid to the Shadow affinity. 






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A server full of these brightly glowing Wigfrids would be worse horror stories than the wacky stuff Walter speed out his mouth at campfires.

Like seriously, I could just imagine how much my eyes would hurt with a screen full of brightly glowing Wigfrids running about :p

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I am so, so sorry for your loss. I'm sure this is a very difficult time for you.

You know, her taking on some glowing effect like this would be a cool feature for when she casts a battle song. Give it a little more flair and oomph you know? I mean she's reviving people by singing so why not?

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