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Some feedback on new content. Can we make Bearger accessible first autumn? Celestial orb spawn earlier?

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This is an age old idea that people bring up every now and then, but it's becoming of more importance now that Armored Bearger is in this game. Armored Bearger is more valuable than your standard boss addition, because Spark Arks and general story progression are locked behind the defeat of this enemy. Me and a friend were able to defeat Crystal Deerclops on the first winter, and noticed that the most compromising factors in our session were that Beager was a tedious 40 days away from spawning, and having the celestial orb spawn was sheer luck.

Having Bearger spawn in first autumn would allow for players to keep him alive but postpone his fight until lunar rifts are open. That way spark arks are not locked until second autumn (around day 75 for bearger spawn). I suggest that instead of a natural spawn, there could be conditionals that cause its first autumn spawn, such as was done with the megaflare and Deerclops.

The other issue we faced was the celestial orb's sheer randomness in spawning. According to the wiki, it is a guaranteed spawn with the first meteor shower past day 60, but the issue is that the orb is required to fight CC and begin lunar storms, and day 60 is very late. The only way I was able to fight Crystal Deerclops on the first winter is because I was lucky with the orb's spawning. If the orb's guaranteed spawn rate was cut in half to around day 30 or less that would make fighting CC more consistent. Also, there's a lot of moon related content, I don't think it'd be outside the bounds of normalcy to have a meteor spawning item so that the orb is an easier find. In Shipwrecked, Wickerbottom's Joy of Volcanology and the Volcano staff basically make meteor showers happen on command. It'd be cool to bring that to DST especially in the context of getting an early celestial orb.

All in all, the new content is a lot of fun and I can't wait to see what Wagstaff has in store for the survivors. Let's make the story progression more accessible so that we can appreciate the newest content in real games.

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