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Shadow alignment is super underrated

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Lunar flames has less dps as a darksword. You also need to aim it rather akwardly.

Shadow flames are instant ranged burst damage. Little need for aiming and have some minor crowd control abilities. You get more dps since you also can attack during that window.


Not saying lunar flames are bad, they excel at crowd control. But, everyone is heavily underrating the shadow spell.

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Shadow flame has better burst damage so you can stun dragonfly or quickly spend all your embers in about 2secs. This is better for bosses.

Lunar flames is better for crowd control like you said.

I prefer the shadow flames myself tbh.

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idk I've heard people say otherwise - but I feel there are times when each would be useful.  Against an isolated, more mobile boss like nmwp I would definitely want the shadow tendrils but against a slower boss, especially one with ads I would want the lunar flamethrower.

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