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WX-78 temperature warning change

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Currently when WX-78 has the Thermal Circuit or Refrigerant Circuit plugged in, it is incapable of freezing/overheating (due to weather, enemies like klaus still can make you freeze or overheat from what I know).

That's why, I think that the warning you get, like freezing around the screen or the yellow thing around the screen is not needed when you are not taking damage from temperature. 

Having to play through the whole winter/summer with those effects on kinda puts the player on edge psychologically. In the back of your mind you know you will never overheat/freeze, but it just isn't pleasant seeing those things when they are not needed.

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It doesn't help that new players are given the impression that they will still freeze to death when they have the heat circuit.

Any time I see a WX-78 with a heat circuit continue to use winter clothing or huddle by the fire a part of my soul dies.

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