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does wx remember wagstaff or not?

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so in the short released today, wagstaff and wx sort of meet again, and they just sorta gaze at eachother

yet in the game, wx absolutely RESENTS wagstaff (some quotes from them: "WHY WOULD I HELP HIM", widget defubbler; "MAYBE HE'LL ELECTROCUTE HIMSELF", energetic static)

do they remember or not? or do they just not care anymore

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I belive its remembers but doesn't care that much.

It damages the empathy module, a ability to share another person's feelings and emotions as if they were your own. Not the memory.

The reason it does appear painful and connected to the past may be that it ensures that the WX will recognize the remembering human WX as itself. They are in a Ship of Theseus situation, which can be considered a kind of empathy I guess?

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