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Is This Idea Even Possible? - (Mod Concept) Playable Monster Maxwell

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Hello, I’m a rookie modder with an ambitious idea. (It’s in the title lol)

I’ve got a couple questions, and my first and most important is:

  • is it even allowed to modify one of the already existing characters? I would assume so from some of those old (character) rework mods I’ve seen, like for Woodie or Wilson. But what about something like adding this massive component to them- a transformation component, and one that relates to consuming a single item.
  • The next, and most important, is the whole ‘is this even possible?!’ Question. I’m imagining a sort of playable pets situation with unusual characters (or just adding the monster as a whole new character in general.)


How I’m thinking this mod would function is Maxwell would be able to craft (at… some sort of crafting station- one of the ones that already exists, of course) something called either Monster Sta’ake or just a Sta’ake. (Stay - ake, you gotta say the pause) (I’ve already begun modding in the object- I’m having issues but uh… I’ll post about said issues later)

It sort of acts like Woodie’s idols. Anyone could eat it, but it only affects Maxwell and of course, it turns him into a monster. 

The effect isn’t permanent, though unlike Woodie’s wereforms, there is no meter that runs out. He transforms back upon the monster’s death. 


The monster should be able to run, attack, eat, and perform 2 emotes (because I thought it’d be cute to make him dance or sit.)

It won’t be able to craft or build things… probably. I’m still debating if he’s still able to use the Codex (just because that seems difficult to animate) (YEAH AS IF ALL THOSE OTHER THINGS WERE EASY)

Then, apparently, there’s all the sfx. I can make that as well, it’s just implementing that seems super hard. I’ve taken one look at custom character voice tutorials and they are… complicated!

I also want the other characters to have a unique quote for the form, but I suppose that detail would come last.

I’m confident in learning more on how to use Spriter (I’ve got the basics down at the moment) and I will for sure need to create custom sprites for this guy. I’ve already doodled concepts for all of them.


That’s really it. I’m happy to receive all and any tips, small or large. Also, I would look at the Playable Pets mod for reference but... I for some reason can’t do that!

(also also, I am the transformation-obsessed artist. I love monsters so much and I want Maxwell to get back in touch with that side of his.)

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