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Palmcone armor would be amazing I'm not asking for super op armor but a little better then wood armor would be fantastic because I have way way to many palmcones, it would take 6-8 palmcones for the chest and 3-6 for helm and 2 rope
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Actually I’m going to fully 100% support this suggestion, I’m so tired of Klei adding new resources into the game that only have like 1 or 2 uses, I’m playing a SURVIVAL Game, Where I am supposed to be lead into believing that these wacky cast of characters are trying to survive within a fictional Wilderness doing whatever it takes to survive…

So logically I’d be making every single use out of any resources I can find regardless of how useful it is or isn’t.

PalmCone body armor? well it beat grass and probably log suits too since it would be prickly!

But why can’t we get OTHER useful uses for these things too? Such as for example, PalmCone Scale Boat, or even being able to craft BoneShards into a Makeshift Shiv which is a Melee weapon obviously above your fist but maybe somewhere around spear damage?

TL:DR- Yes More Uses for barely used Resources would be great in a Survival game.

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