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  1. My reproduction instructions leveraged the alleged "overridable in server.ini" bullet. The data I reported was that this value was ignored, and only specifying via the command line had the desired effect (whereas the bind-ip in server.ini _should_ be respected).
  2. When testing on Linux, I'm unable to affect the UDP listen address using the bind_ip option under [shard] configuration. The -bind_ip CLI argument works as expected. To test, create a cluster with at least one shard. Try and set the bind_ip in the secondary shard's [shard] config to something like Observe with `ss -ul` that the shard is listening on all IPs ( If I had to guess at the issue, the bind_ip CLI argument defaults to and is overriding the config file even though no CLI argument was actually provided.
  3. Really excited about this. Is it possible to host our own dedicated servers targeting the switch platform (as opposed to switch-client hosted)? Thanks!!
  4. The climax of the Return of Them story arc brought massive changes to DST in that we now have a way to achieve infinite light in glowcaps. Infinite light is granted by deconstructing the Enlightened Crown dropped by the Celestial Champion and placing the resulting shards into Glowcaps. Summoning CC requires the player to farm moonstorms, a new dungeon-crawler-like event on the surface world. For base builders, moonstorm farming becomes a key activity done very regularly. In my current megabase world, I have personally done the Wagstaff defense over 150 times. Notable megabasers like Glermz even have dedicated farmers (hi Kirby) specifically to gather resources from the moonstorms, just to be able to make 15 glowcaps/year. All that to say, it has become a core part of the game and required farming. Unlike other farming activities, moonstorm farming has a very large minimum time component: the Wagstaff defense. I posit that the required minimum time of completing the Wagstaff defense contributes greatly to the overall dissatisfaction among some players with the activities required to illuminate a large base. To farm the moonstorms, the player must do a few things: Activation: The moonstorms are activated by building all 3 celestial stations in close proximity on the moon island. Travel: Between each Wagstaff defense, the player travels to wherever the moonstorm is active, and seeks out wagstaff until he plops down his science experiment. Wagstaff defense: This is the main activity where waves of mutated birds and gestalts attack, moon gleams dance, lighting strikes to create charged glass, and the player must provide Wagstaff his tools. The activation task may be amortized across an entire farming session; it does not contribute greatly to the overall time required to farm moonstorms. The travel task must be completed once per Wagstaff defense. This task benefits from mastery and preparation in that the player may optimize their world by building roads, salt licks for beefalo, wanda portals, etc. in order to reduce the travel time required to an absolute minimum. Finally, we get to the Wagstaff defense. This is the meat and potatoes of the moonstorm farming, and it _does not_ benefit from mastery. Preparation and practice serve to make them easier, but such mastery does not make them go faster. Reviewing the Lua, we can see there are large minimum times between Wagstaff asking for tools and even the initial tools spawning in. Consider The Ruins for a moment. This is a dungeon-crawler area in the caves which, as the player gets better, is more prepared, etc., can be cleared faster and faster. I remember my first time going to the ruins. It was exciting, and scary! It took forever just to clear one little room. After lots of practice, combat lasts very little time. Warly spices make the mining and hammering faster. These days, I can clear a large ruins in a few in-game days, and it's still a lot of fun. The Wagstaff defense can be made easier: the player can use Wendy to trivialize the bird killing. The player can be partially insane to make the gestalts go away. The player can wear a rain coat to eliminate risk of the gleams. But, the Wagstaff defense cannot be made faster. If the player does all of the above and is absolutely smashing Wagstaff defense? The reward is to **sit around and wait** for him to ask for the next tool. In various discussions on Discord, I have heard a dissatisfaction from numerous builders with the state of moonstorm farming. It's way too much of a time sink for how much the reward is. But I'm not here to discuss changes to the cost of summoning CC -- that can be saved for another thread. What I am here to propose is making moonstorm farming benefit more from mastery and thus **give the player more agency** over how much time it takes to farm crown shards. Make the Wagstaff defense more responsive to the player's clearing speed. Such a change will make the moonstorm farming feel much less tedious and more on par with activities like clearing the ruins. Some ideas that have come to mind on how to achieve this would include: Spawn all the Wagstaff tools once he starts asking for them so that the player isn't waiting for the final tool to spawn just to give him the first one of the event. Tie tool requests to waves of birds killed, and spawn bird waves faster after they die. I'm sure many folks reading this are interested in having the material costs changed in some way for summoning CC, but please let's refrain from discussing that in this thread. I believe that if the Wagstaff event gets to a better place in terms of responding to player aptitude (ie, not requiring a minimum time per restrained static), that we would be in a much better position to review the cost of summoning CC. Thanks to everyone for reading and to Klei for your consideration.
  5. Looking at the Lua, it looks like this was added to the Science Machine rather than the Alchemy Engine.
  6. Hi team, Wanda's teleport is loading super slowly in heavily developed worlds. Given the performance differential between running into an area vs backtrek watch to the same spot, I have to imagine there are some available optimizations. I recorded a video on my world of a return to my portal zone taking over 10 seconds of black screen. I would be happy to share this shard privately with a developer for testing purposes if the team is interested in investigating. Thanks!
  7. I won't go into details about my idea to make fire hounds more like ice hounds since Glermz already covered it. I will mention though that the mechanic to "hide in the caves" until the hound wave passes is on point thematically -- the player hears hounds approaching and goes to hide instead of fighting them until they pass. It would be great if that part of the mechanic remained while disallowing simple server disconnects. This allows the player to plan for either a kill zone or nearby hiding place. I realize this might be difficult because they were the same underlying cause, but the hiding strategy is fun. One other thing that I've seen discussed a bunch is having some way to influence the hound waves potentially via a mini boss, some sort of late game item, etc. that would potentially give the player control over when the hound waves spawn or preventing spawns all together by intentionally seeking out such a miniboss.
  8. It would be really nice if the Craft UI had an additional ordering option which showed crafts in *most recently crafted* order. When building, it so often happens that we craft the same thing several times close together, and this would save a lot of time digging through menus and scrolling through lists.
  9. Most of the time, players are unlocking boards super early so it's not really problematic for crafting a boat. On the flip side, the change to logs has been a BIG paper cut in late game. In the boards world, a bundle of boards lets you carry around 10 boats using 1 inventory slot. This is really nice when you are growing a bunch of ocean trees. Keeping a bunch of logs on hand for this is just really inconvenient; feels anti-QoL.
  10. Since the theme of this QoL is the Craft UI and several related improvements, this feels like a good opportunity to bring up the placement spacing inconsistencies. An extremely common example of this is walls. For instance, it's possible to place a wall next to a lightning rod, but it's not possible to place a lightning rod next to a wall. This is easily the biggest pain point in building. Sometimes you need to destroy a structure just to place something like a lightning rod near it or plant a berry bush and then rebuild those other structures exactly where they already were. The ideal fix for this might be using the blocking radius as the minimum spacing as it would mean 100% consistency between placing and blocking. Based on my reading of the code however, that would seem rather difficult. A much simpler but perhaps less robust fix would be to change the default min_spacing from the large value of 3.2 to a smaller value of like 1 or 1.8. This isn't defined as a constant in the code (the magic number 3.2 appears in several places). A third approach might be defining min_spacing on every structure. In any case, it would be so, so impactful to improve things in this area. I hope that while we are on the subject of crafting QoL that this will be considered. P.S. The blocking radius on oceantree_pillar is really big. If these things are placed a generous distance (eg, bit more than a boat radius) from shore, they can still block building on land. This blocking radius could easily be reduced without any issue of structures overlapping the oceantree_pillar visually. Thanks!
  11. Wowee, thanks Zark! I'm curious about what/where the issue was. Normally I'd watch the patch notes to find out, but I'm guessing this will be lumped in with the big beta patch. Would you mind sharing some details? Very curious and had no idea where to start looking into this issue myself.
  12. Same issue using Ubuntu + i3 + nvidia GPU.
  13. Any idea how to reproduce the bug in that setting? Although my secondary forest shard use case may not be particularly high priority for Klei, your scenario sounds much more game breaking.
  14. @Well-met have you seen this on the main forest shard or only on secondary shards?