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Dream skills for wurts skill tree

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These aren’t skills I expect to be added or are realistic in any way but if any one of them were to be added in some way shape or form I would be over the moon. 

In rankings of how much I want them it goes
-farming merms
-merm king abilities that aren’t just boring stat boosts
-fisher merm
-different trades depending on the species of fish you give to merm king.

As I said before all of these are long shots, and are probably too big of perks for a skill tree, but a man can dream can’t he?

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1 hour ago, Retepeter said:

Finally, a reasonable, not hyperspecific, not unfitting, not lorebreaking of the game skill tree suggestion

There's a Wendy skill tree that is really good and not super over the top like most of the others that I really liked. Its a mixture of creative new interesting skills and simple number boosts that are still useful. 

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Merm king displaying 3 different items ranging from trinkets to gems like the shop keepers in hamlet. Costs different fish depending on how rare the item is.

Merms changing jobs depending on hat on them. Eg. Straw hat on merms makes them harvest grass, twigs, berry bushes, kelp, stone fruit bushes in a radius around their craftsmerm house. They also deposit what they pick into their house for us collect an access like chests. Beekeeper hat merms can harvest bee hives. Garderner hat merms can water and tend plants. Premier garderner hat merms can water, tend and fertilizer plants (if you place fertilizer in their house).

Pretty much any skills that can make merms take on roles like citizens in a kingdom.

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