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Idea: add zoom in for ps4

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So if you play don't starve mobile with a controller you'll be shocked to find out that you can zoom in with the touchpad

Now, i know it will most likley not happen since the updates are more content/bug fixes, but it would be nice to see the same being done on ds, and dst

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Same here.

It's amazing how much impact such a "small" thing has on the game, but just try looking for deerclops or basebuilding on PC and then on Console and it becomes obvious how much we are loosing on console.

@Keli Please implement zoom with the pad ... maybe with 2 fingers ... and if you do decide to review the console button mapping, also consider adding button combos, such as for example L2+SQUARE for FORCE ATTACK instead of constalty attacking my own walls making it almost impossible to kill a simple gobbler on your berry farm.

We've been requesting this + something like geometric placement for YEARS .. PLEASE KLEI listen to you player base ... I understand that cross play is very complicated to implement, most likely it will never happen on Playstation, but remapping a few buttons has got to be the easiest thing there is ....

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