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I was originally intending to post just art on the forums, but I realized I haven’t posted here all that often, so I thought it’d be a good idea to post DS AUs I have in mind.

This may get updates as time goes on.


I have WAAAYY too many of these let me tell you-

This is also gonna be LOOOONG-

1. Pact with the Shadows: Wilson, desiring to learn about the Constant, makes a deal with Charlie. As long as Wilson decides to work with Charlie, she will give him all the knowledge on the Constant he could ever desire. Wilson becomes recluse, keeping his pact away from the other Survivors. Right when Wilson’s campmates desire the truth as to why Wilson is separating himself, they discover that he’s suddenly gone missing. The Survivors now go out to seek out Wilson, and find out where he went. Yes, Maxwell is here. This story takes place after Maxwell‘s Rework short, so, like Wilson, he acts recluse. Maxwell does have some significance in the story though.

2. Moonbound: A Lunar Order, consisting of the Moonbound Survivors, watches over a small Pig village laying underneath the watchful eye of the “Moon”, keeping the village out of harms way. Conflict strikes when a few members of the Order, including Maxwell, turn away from the Order, and become under the influence of the Shadows. The Light-aligned Survivors desire to bring the rogue members back to the Order, and hopefully bring an end to the Nightmare King’s plan of destruction.

3. Insecurities in the Shadows: The Shadow Queen strikes the Survivors with reminders of the worst aspects of themselves, causing distrust and disarray among the Survivors.

4. Swashbucklers at Sea: Captain Wigfrid and her pirate crew, the Swashbucklers, get caught in a battle with Shadow Captain Maxwell and his Nightmare Crew. After a failed attempt at defeating the Shadow Captain, the Swashbucklers end up with a mostly destroyed boat that crashes into a small island, where they stay until they can rebuild their boat and get back at sea.

5. Three Performers and a Magician: Wes, Wigfrid, and Wolfgang make a small performer group after the Survivors finally escape the Constant. When the group discovers that Maxwell is having some trouble getting his life back together, and Wolfgang and Wigfrid refuse to help him (still holding their grudges against him), Wes decides to help Maxwell on his own and show his stage partners that Maxwell has changed and worth helping.


These are all the big ones I think. Some aspects of these AUs maybe subject to change.

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