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Suggestions and feedback for the new updates (from beyond)

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  The don't starve together community has been in shambles in the past few updates, even though we're told that we don't have the bigger picture yet, there have been many complaints, and I'm going to address some of them and some potential solutions for them.

  The new stuff are simply not worth the trouble.

  1. the new weapons are basically retextured dark swords, they do approximately the same amount of damage and their planar damage doesn't scale with current damage modifiers so they're actually weaker in some cases, unless new mobs/bosses that would be weaker to the new weapons are going to be added, I think they should have base damage of 68 plus additional planar damage (25% 50% maybe?) so they're worth using for day to day fighting since they're more expensive than dark swords

   2. there are not enough items, a solution to this is to add character specific items that can only be accessed by aligning with their respective side, whatever that means (like Wilson?)

   3. the downsides for activating the new features are simply too much for what they provide, one of those being the deadly brightshades, I think they are fine as a downside to acquiring the new lunar stuff but the problem is when they're in a large group, then it becomes impossible to deal with them, and with their spawn rate being so fast they could ruin mega basing for a lot of people, I suggest there should not be more than 4-6 brightshades in a 20 tile radius, another solution would be something like pesticides that repel brightshade gestalts (made from pure horror?) that would make plants immune / less likely to get taken over. another thing people seem to hate are boulders falling during earthquakes because they destroy their underground bases, I don't like they way they've been handled, not falling near structures? that's like having lightning not strike near structures, what I think a better way to counter them is using something that's already in the game, pillars (like @ADM suggested), they would function the same as lightning rods, players can build them to prevent boulders falling in a certain radius (and maybe prevent acid rain too), and they could also add a LOT of decorative possibilities, and I think you should make building them take some time and resources like above-average tree


Pictures are from @Creatorofswamps

this update looks very promising and has a lot of potential, I wish you guys at Klei good luck with this

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