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Last game update introduced QoL that improved showing range of some buildings like telescopes and auto sweepers

Another building that really, really needs such range is Sweepy Dock. Little sweeping cutie has huge range and it's really difficult to track it without any aid

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What if Sweepy could extend its head up like a skyjack (stationary) and collect liquids or debris 2 tiles above it?

It could be used as a method of collecting mined regolith debris on a mesh tile, being placed directly below it.


On 7/8/2023 at 12:57 AM, SharraShimada said:

And while adding some stuff, maybe the range could show the real (modded) range of the building, and not just the games default one?

One step at a time. Klei is deliberate in their craftsmanship and balancing, so it will take longer than to just add onto the vanilla asset.

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