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As a player who believes in Islam, I want to give Klei feedback on the issue of Pigmen.

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first of all, i am very grateful to klei for considering the jewish players. i am an ordinary player from china and i love the game don’t starve. but my family and i are very repulsed by the creature “pig” because of our faith. every time i open “don’t starve”, i can only lock myself in the room to avoid my family from finding out, which makes me very painful. there is a creature called pigman in the game, and our doctrine considers pigs to be unclean. i even had a violent conflict with my family because of your game. in order to balance my hobbies and family, i can only avoid letting my family know that i am playing this game.

i hope klei can plan to remove pigman from the game in the future. after all, we can get meat through catcoon/koalefant/no-eyed deer/volt goat. hiring pigmen to chop trees is not irreplaceable in the game.

if the workload is relatively large, at least you can delete the pig king unit. i can turn off the existence of pigmen by creating game options and regulate a pig-free world by myself.

then i can point to this game and say to my family: “look, this is a game developed by a company that respects our faith. i can play the game well in front of you.” instead of hiding in the room and not daring to communicate with my family when playing this game, or having to quit immediately when my family knocks on the door, causing me to lose savedata.

i am different from those who mock the previous changes of skins. i sincerely beg klei to consider more religious players. here i can attach my legal chinese id information. you can see that my ethnicity is “hui”. our ethnicity believes in islam. you can see from the picture that i have played 2000 hours of “don’t starve together”. i love this game very much. i hope klei can consider my suggestion, please, i want to play my favorite game with dignity in front of my family. Allah bless you all.






我和其他对之前改动皮肤嘲讽的不同,我是认真的恳求科雷可以考虑更多的宗教玩家,这里可以附上我的中国合法身份证件信息,可以看到我民族是「回」,我已经玩了 2000 小时《饥荒联机版》,我非常喜欢这款游戏。 希望科雷可以考虑我建议,恳求你们,我想好好在家人面前有尊严地玩我喜欢的游戏。安拉保佑你们。



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1 minute ago, lenship2 said:

so this is still going on? when will it end...

sry, i just learned about this incident. and i'm serious. i hope klei can also be friendly to players who believe in Islam.

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Sorry to say, but your request will definitely not be fulfilled.

The game has been around for 8 years and barely anyone complains about creatures affecting certain faiths and beliefs.

Unless 99% playerbase follow islam, pigmans are gonna stay.


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4 minutes ago, YouKnowWho said:

Perhaps you should look for something on the steam workshop? I'd imagine that could help with your specific needs

thank u for suggestion. however, it's a bit late for me. if my family had known about the existence of 'pig man' in this game, i might have been able to hide it from them in this way.
in fact, the rejection of pigs in the <<quran>> is due to the fact that pigs do not ruminate and it have all fours. although the pig man in dst walk on two feet, due to some historical reasons, anything related to pigs will be rejected by my ethnic group. my father happens to be a rigid muslim, which makes me very distressed.
thank u again for help, Allah bless you.

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7 minutes ago, Cassielu said:

So... Are you guys just making joke or dissatisfied about the latest change? I think it would be more helpful to at least figure it out.

They are dissatisfied with the Wigfrid’s battle hat change. Because they believe players should at least get informed and have a refund choice for such changes. They simply don’t like political correction and they are good at making such jokes. U may see lots of these topics these days because they are organising more players to post such content here.

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12 minutes ago, Cassielu said:

So... Are you guys just making joke or dissatisfied about the latest change? I think it would be more helpful to at least figure it out.

sry, i  am a muslim, and i am indeed serious. my picture is my personal identification information, which is a citizen certificate recognized by the Chinese government.

my picture is my personal identification information, which is an ID card issued by the chinese government to citizens. 

recent events have made me realize that I should speak up for my identity.


11 minutes ago, Hupo said:



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