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Combat readability improvement

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It's always a hurdle to teach new players how to fight in don't starve. Many friends I play with just won't go fight bosses with me because they don't understand how it all works. I feel like a lot of it could be improved with extra UI options.

  • Add danger markers for the area of attack while the enemy is readying to attack. Showing the range and perhaps timing of the enemy attack. Most modern MMOs do this.
  • Show the player's attack range under their feet while they're holding a weapon.

I believe these changes would allow players to enjoy the game without having to watch a 20-minute kiting guide before playing. The options could have a toggle in the game's menu or server settings.

My first proposition is very common in modern games. You'll even find it in MMOs like WoW and even some action games. The point is to let players react to enemies, rather than forcing them to memorize the timing and reach of each monster individually. Range alone would lower the skill floor for combat by a ton without affecting the skill ceiling. The system could make the game even easier if there was an attack speed indicator, such as the marker changing color as the attack is closer to happening.

The second suggestion would help players realize how close they have to approach to hit with their weapon. It would also prevent players who attack with the mouse from being confused why their character ran straight into the enemy.

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