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  1. Not sure what causes this. Sometimes the game will think I was trying to use something a distance away from me, usually a couple of steps, rarely a huge chunk of the map away. When that happens, the character will freeze and slide towards the intractable at walking speeds, usually a chest, though not exclusively. The issue with this bug is that you cannot cancel this behavior, as your controls become completely frozen. I just died because the game started sliding my character towards somewhere right as night fell, causing me to die from the scary night lady. I play on PC using an Xbox One game pad. I've only had this problem on Wurt, but I haven't played a different character in a while, so it might not be exclusive to her.
  2. It's fun playing Wurt, but one bug makes her gameplay a bit of a mess. If your merm companions run out of time and decide to return home, they will usually get stuck somewhere along the way. Usually, it happens if there's a hole in the ground or a wall of ocean they should be walking around. The Merms will never make it home, and you can't even tell that they got lost somewhere on the map because it just looks as if they died and haven't respawned.