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Ideas as to what the next update might be

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I think it's A) Them and Charlie gain more power B) The survivors get more powerful C) The wildlife gets more powerful as to fight back against the things that have been taking over their territory D) The survivors pick sides, which honestly idk how they would implement this into the game.

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I think the next update will actually be one of those 2 planned QOL updates that will smooth out the early game/late game processes.

I don’t expect Part 3 of From Beyond anytime soon because Klei has never released all their content updates back to back like that.

I’d wager on QOL OR that Secret Cross-Over before we get From Beyond Part 3.

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12 hours ago, Dextops said:

[snip] but couldn't due to time constraints

Which, by the way, they said they were looking into it before releasing another beta with the same time constraint-based problems as the previous one.

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15 hours ago, Dextops said:

I'd like an update where klei goes back to the rifts and makes any changes they wanted to make but couldn't due to time constraints

Yeah I think a QOL update that spot fixed issues related to the rifts would be a good idea. Both streams mentioned that the existing rift mechanics would be continually updated moving forward. Vito specifically mentioned tweaking the armor and adjusting Brightshade spawns so that different "thralls" spawn instead sometimes; both of which might not necessitate a core update, but could be added during a QOL update. He also basically said the scrapbook was still a work in progress, so we'll see adjustments there too. 

Also imo planar damage is the kind of thing that's gonna need to be play tested and adjusted for a long time before it even has a chance of being balanced right (granted I haven't used the feature myself, so take this with a grain of salt). The fact that they're specifically looking into how the mechanics affect Wolfgang and Wanda, two popular topics during the betas, does suggest to me that Klei intends to continually adjust planar damage moving forward. So I expect a number of changes to that system as well.

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